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September 2010 - Super3 Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Booster

Beauté Pacifique Super3 Booster is the first step to achieving healthier and younger skin. A treatment perfect for combination to oily skin, and with the added ingredients of Liquorice Root to soothe the skin, this potent treatment cream is also suitable for sensitive skin types, the Super3 Booster contains three different forms of vitamin A Esters to repair, rejuvenate and strengthen the skin, working to reinforce the skin’s elastic properties, to help retain a youthful appearance.

Containing Sebum-regulating ingredients it is a remarkable mixture of natural extracts that significantly decrease the skin’s over production of sebum. Impurities prone to hormonal imbalances, and stressful activities that stimulate the adrenal sebatiuous glands can be treated within the skin by using the Super3 Booster.

The Super3 Booster also contains Propolis natures own defence to fight against microbial infections, active pimples and prevention of the formation of scars.

The Super3 Booster Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Booster uses a unique, patented system to deliver Vitamin A Esters to the dermal layer of the skin. This allows an increase in the production of elastin and collagen, helping to enhance the density of the skin. Higher skin density is vital to help repair sun damage, wrinkles, stretch marks and many other skin conditions that affect a large majority of Australians.

The Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Booster can be used by men and women of all ages, its key ingredients include squalane to restore youth, retinyl palmitate to create lost collagen fibres, retinyl acetate to repair sun damaged skin and propolis for the treatment and prevention of skin impurities including acne.

The Super3 Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Booster is part of a range of effective treatment products by Beauté Pacifique that work together to repair and rejuvenate your skin. All Beauté Pacifique treatments work deep within the dermis to strengthen and rebuild collagen fibres, to rejuvenate the skin from the inside, out. As we age the collagen support layer in the dermis becomes more unstable and fragmented, creating a weaker support structure to the epidermis. Beauté Pacifique treatments create a thicker collagen matrix in the dermis to support the skin – preventing lines from progressing into wrinkles.

With the aid of DermaScan Ultrasound Technology after only 5 days improvement can be witnessed in the skins entire depth.

 The Super3 Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Booster 50mL retails for $110 (RRP) and 100mL $145 (RRP)

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